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How to Read your Water Bill

Regardless of whether you view your bill online, or receive it in the mail, there's a lot of information packed onto it. At first the information found on your bill may appear rather daunting, but once the various items are explained you will quickly realize how easy the bill is to interpret. Once you know how to read the bill, you will further understand when your meter is read, how many days the bill is for, and other information regarding your water account.

How to read your bill
  1. Service Address: The address where services are rendered. It may be different from the mailing address.
  2. Customer/Account Number: Customer Number - An exclusive number which is unique to the customer. Account Number - The number that is attached to the specific property location.
  3. Bill Date: Date bill was created..
  4. Due Date: Date current bill is due/last day to pay without a penalty. The county shall charge two dollars ($2.00) plus one and one –half (1 ½ %) percent interest on all outstanding balances if payment is not made in full by the due date.
    Past due amount: $50.82
    Delinquency fee: $  0.76 (1.5% of Past Due ($50.82)amount)
    Penalty fee: $   2.00
    TOTAL:    $53.58 (Total amount due)
  5. Past Due: A bill becomes Past Due if the account is unpaid on the next business day from Due Date.
  6. Payment Address: If sending payment by mail, please use this address.
  7. Department Address: The physical address of main office.
  8. Service Period/Days: The days of service charged in your bill.
  9. Usage: The measured usage in thousand gallons (TG) for current and previous billing periods.
  10. Service Charges: Depending on the type of service and location, some or all of these charges may apply.
  11. Consumption: The volumetric (flow rate/volume) of water/wastewater in 1,000 of gallons.
  12. ERU's: Equivalent Residential Unit is the amount of water or wastewater typically associated with a single family home. (Buildings other than single family homes may have more than 1 ERU).

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Note: Your bill may not reflect all charges referenced above. Charges depend on your location and your services

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